Why RT73 can't inject?

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26-11-2008 01:28:11

Hi, I am new here and not an English person so please understand by bad English.

I purchased D-Link DWA-110 about two months ago for general purpose for my Windows machine.
I realized this device was using RT2571WF chipset and knew it would support Monitor and Inject mode.
But I am not sure which driver to install/load in BT3, it recognizes as RT73 but don't think it is not injecting any packets.

When I type the following
[code2qozz4ns]modprobe rt73
ifconfig rausb0 up
iwpriv rausb0 rfmontx 1
airmon-ng start rausb0 6[/code2qozz4ns]

1 able to monitor traffic using kismet, airodump-ng (Channel 6, since I specified)
2 able to perform various attack available in MDK3 but it [b2qozz4ns]stops working after 5 seconds[/b2qozz4ns]
3 don't think ARP replay attack is not working in aireplay-ng (0 ARP replies, everytime...)
4 deauthentication/deassociation attack does not work with aireplay-ng or MDK3

It seems it can monitor but unable to inject packets. Maybe I need to install other driver?
But I'm pretty sure that RT2571WF uses RT73 driver to inject, but it does not seems to be.
Can you please help with this problem? I would like to run a security assessment on my network.

Thank you in advance.
- Eric


26-11-2008 09:54:59

Moved to appropriate forum.


27-11-2008 18:52:05

If monitor mode works, then the driver you have is suitable for your hardware. Which version are you using?
Please note that we support the driver, not aircrack.