connection loss, lack of responsiveness

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16-12-2008 16:02:16

Ubuntu intrepid recognized and setup my wifi network properly using rt73usb driver (modinfo tells me its a serialmonkeys driver). However, my connection drops from time to time and i notice lots of delayed packets. Tcpdump shows me sometimes arp requests sent by my wifi card and no reply from my router and even if my router replies its not guaranteed its going to establish a connection. Alright, I did disable and blacklisted rt73usb as well as some others and compiled the latest rt73 from serialmonkey and set up with wicd, rutilt and even manually but the problem persists, not to say its even worse... the funny part is that my card works well in windows. Could be there is some incompatibility between rt73 from serialmonkey and and my WPA2-psk AES authentication scheme? I have spent far too much time trying to fix this and I'm really lost now.
My wifi card make is MSI.


16-12-2008 17:43:25

Hi damatta,

Your AP *may* be re-keying. Could you build and run with debug enabled, then attach a gzipped copy of /var/log/debug that include the time when the connection is lost to a post here?