No WPA with RUtilT / Ubuntu Gutsy

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19-10-2007 18:36:57

I upgraded to Gutsy Gibbon yesterday when Ubuntu asked if I'd like to - and I've lost my wireless! The network is seen, but it says the encryption is WEP. I also don't have any option when creating a profile except WEP or OPEN. It worked the same way building it from source, or downloading the package that's in the repository (which is 0.15, the same version I have the source code for).

Is there some trick to getting WPA support? )


20-10-2007 10:36:00

Gutsy Gibbon is apparently shipped with the new rt2x00 driver which use wpa_supplicant.
As far as I know, RutilT does not support these drivers only the rt2x00 legacy driver. Maybe later ?

Anyway, some people reports that the drivers shipped with the Ubuntu are working fine. If there are really new rt2x00 drivers, you need to configure wpa_supplicant for authentication either directly by editing the configuration file or via an interface like network-manager.


20-10-2007 14:17:10

Thanks! I'll give that a shot. )


20-10-2007 17:12:10

Yes, RutilT doesn't support rt2x00 at the moment, but will. On the bright side, the problem of transparency of the tray icon should be solved Daniel!
I hope to release a new version next month.



22-10-2007 02:22:02

I had uninstalled network-manager when I got RUtilT working. I reinstalled network-manager and network-manager-gnome, and it "just works" with my adapter! It looks like the rt2x00 driver may be getting more mature.


24-10-2007 20:44:05

Yes it has, it will be coming with vanilla kernels starting from 2.6.24.