trying to connect using RutilT, computer totally freezes

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24-11-2007 15:57:44

A newbie here.

I'm using Xubuntu 7.10 with the daily rt73 legacy driver (downloaded a week ago, is there anyway to know the exact version? So I can post information more precise).
Also, I have installed the last RutilT (v0.15).

The problem when I try to connect to any wireless network (WEP, WPA, or without encryptation at all) using the RutilT interface, my computer totally freezes in the instant I press "connect", if the password is correct (or in the case of an unsecure network, so password isn't needed).

I can connect without any problem if I manually configured the settings by editing /etc/network/interfaces.

I think this post[/urlqidwp0lw] may be helpful for you developers.

Thanks and excuse my english.


25-11-2007 20:43:43

I have just released a new version of RutilT, you may want to give it a try ; though your issue sounds rather like a driver bug. You should try the very latest CVS tarball of this driver too.



27-11-2007 01:36:04

Hi Spy84464,

thanks for your reply.

I would like to try the new RutilT v0.16 and the very latest CVS daily tarball.
Although I'm not a totally newbie on Linux arts, I'm still trying to make my head around them.

I still need to learn about installing and particuarly, [b3vjjkpsp]uninstalling[/b3vjjkpsp], software that I have manually installed, in this case, both RutilT v0.15 and rt73 daily CVS tarball.

So, I ask some questions

1. How do I go on installing the RutilT v0.16 if I already have v0.15?
2. Do I need to uninstall the previous version (v0.15)? How? D

Same questions about rt73 driver. D

Thanks in advance, sorry for my english and sorry if I'm asking something that is out there.
I have RTFM and STFW, but I still find hard to learn some things.


27-11-2007 11:27:40

Of course, you need to uninstall the previous version, before installing a new one.

[u3vne5wm8]To uninstall RutilT[/u3vne5wm8]

If you have kept the folder where you compiled the previous version (RutilT 0.15) , open a terminal in this directory and enter the command su -c "make uninstall" or sudo "make uninstall".

If you haven't kept the folder, you can use one of these commands, after configuring, in the same folder you are compiling the new version. But, you have to remember the configuration options you used for the previous version, and even then it will not work if some files where added or remove to the app. Anyway, with RutilT, it's should work; since from this point of view, RutilT is a quite simple app.

[u3vne5wm8]To uninstall the driver[/u3vne5wm8]

There's no command to do it.
You have to follow these steps, in this order.
- First stop the connexion,
- Unload the driver with rmmod or modprobe -r
- Remove the driver module manually from the kernel tree. (It means delete the files. In your case, delete the file rt73.ko or rt73.ko)
- Use the depmod -a command to rebuild module dependencies.


27-11-2007 21:19:17

Hi Starcrasher,
thanks for your reply, it was very helpful.

[u1c9x5zvh]On RutilT[/u1c9x5zvh]
I've installed RutilT v0.16 and it seems to work fine with the rt73 driver I already have installed (a daily CVS from about two weeks ago). It hasn't hanged yet.

Is the procedure for uninstalling RutilT a standard procedure for uninstalling manually installed software on Linux?
Of course, I don't expect this procedure to apply to every manually installed software.

It seems to be safe to keep the folder where the program has been compiled...

[u1c9x5zvh]On rt73 driver[/u1c9x5zvh]

Haven't tried yet, I will try it tonight.
[quote1c9x5zvh]In your case, delete the file rt73.ko or rt73.ko[/quote1c9x5zvh]

Ops! Both are the same file... wink

And same questions... is the one you outlined the standard procedure to remove/uninstall modules/drivers?

Thank you again, I feel I learned new useful things reading your post.


27-11-2007 21:56:30

There is no real standard way, it's rather a well established convention, and in that sense, yes, what Starcrasher described are the usual steps.
About RutilT in particular, the new version usually overwrites the old one gracefully, but it has not always been the case, so it's safer to uninstall the old version using the tarball used for its installation. I document these kind of issue at the beginning of the INSTALL file.


27-11-2007 23:47:07

oops Read rt73.ko or rt73.ko.gz. Some distributions like Mandriva use gzip to reduce place taken by modules in the kernel tree.

One important thing to remember is Never remove a driver that is in use or it will lead to crash.


28-11-2007 14:43:30

Thanks you both for your help.

I've installed the latest daily CVS tarball (from yesterday) to replace the one installed one or two weeks ago.

The freeze issue is still happening.
It seems that the freeze happens when the computer isn't connected to a wireless connection and you try to connect using the RutilT interface.

But, if you are already connected (by auto-starting the wifi interface through /etc/network/interfaces or by manually starting it using iwconfig) and you try to "connect" using RutilT interface, it doesn't freeze at all,

I haven't done a deep testing of what I'm reporting. It's just a first hypothesis.


01-12-2007 22:11:20

This is weird, I have no idea what could be happening. Does it occur every time?


02-12-2007 17:58:03

Same issue here. Freezing started happening just after I installed the new rutilt ver. 0.16. Before that rutilt(0.15) just seemed to close after applying a connection. I'm using ubuntu gutsy 7.10 with dsl-g122 wireless adapter and newest rt73 cvs-snapshot.


05-12-2007 00:16:50

Same problem.

My compurer freezes completely when I try to connect or create a new profile.

I'm using ubuntu 7.10 with a conceptronic CR54U (with rt73 CVS drivers) and rutilt 0.16.


06-12-2007 12:35:31

Could someone recompile RutilT with debug enabled
[code2sjd47d8]./ --launcher=external --debug
sudo make install[/code2sjd47d8]
Run the application inside a terminal, and post the last lines printed when the crash happens?

Thank you.


07-12-2007 21:14:27

I 've just deleted the ~/.config/rutilt/RT73 WLAN_profiles.xml and now it seems to work


07-12-2007 21:42:01

Weird, that file is not used anymore by v0.16, but good you managed to sort that out!


07-12-2007 22:55:13

I've tried nknico's solution, but it didn't worked for me.

I will try to recompile RutilT with debug enable and report back.
Do I have to uninstall it before recompile and install it again?


08-12-2007 00:13:00

There is absolutely no need to uninstall before recompilation.
But, it is strongly recommended before installing again.


12-12-2007 22:27:58

I've tried nknico's solution, but it didn't worked for me.

I will try to recompile RutilT with debug enable and report back.
Do I have to uninstall it before recompile and install it again?[/quote2wxo9yj9]

And if you try to delete all config files in ~/.config/rutilt/ ??


18-12-2007 00:17:06

Welllll the problem is comming back. I don't know why. I didn't change anything...When I try to create a new profile, my computer hangs up.

I built rutilt with the debug option but it's useless since the computer crashes completely...


21-12-2007 18:53:29

Help ??


22-12-2007 10:54:56

You mean that the computer crashes with a kernel panic? You can't see at all the last lines printed before the crash?


13-02-2008 04:33:57

im getting the same issues everyone else has been getting in this thread. there was another thread in the rt73 category, but it's been dead since last year. i've installed the latest rt73 driver as of a few days ago, and have rutilt .16 installed. i'm on ubuntu 7.10, and have a linksys wusb54gr wireless adapter.


20-02-2008 18:02:29

I know that issue is still around, but nobody posted a debug trace (from RutilT, not the driver), so I have no idea what could be going wrong.
I must confess that I have very little time at the moment too.



28-06-2008 23:59:16

I already have the same problem...

How can I post a debug trace, since my computer completly hangs up ?? It doesn't display anything...Does it exist a log-file somewhere ?