auto connect to network on boot?

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13-12-2007 06:09:14

I am using Ubuntu Gutsy I set the rt73 module to load, as well as rutilt -t to run at login, is there a way to have it automatically connect to my network instead of having to click the tray icon and click on the profile every boot? thanks


13-12-2007 20:31:12

Yes you can, changing the command to "rutilt -tdp [i1et2t3fb]profile_name[/i1et2t3fb]" should do the trick.
Note that it must be run as root, so sudo may be needed.
You can also put the following command "rutilt -dep [i1et2t3fb]profile_name[/i1et2t3fb]" in a startup script, or "/etc/network/interfaces" on Ubuntu (and Debian). You'll find the complete list of option in the man page ("-d" means run the dhcp client").