Options and profiles could not have been saved Code: -37

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27-12-2007 02:11:46

Running Ubuntu Gusty (7.10) with an RT2500 and RutilT v0.16. My linux experience is about 3 days so far. Everything seems to work ok, but if I exit RutilT I get a box that says "Options and profiles could not have been saved. Code -37". No idea what this means, but the result is that none of my profiles are saved which makes is impossible to auto start with the -td command line since I don't have a profile to reference. Supposedly the profiles are stored in the /root/.config/rutilt/ folder, but that folder didn't exist until I created it trying to fix this problem. There is a folder in my home directory /.config/rutilt/ with a few xml files. I thought this was changed in v0.16. Any ideas? I created the /root/.config/ folder but I can't cd /.config to create the rutilt sub folder. Don't even know if I'm on the right track. Thanks for the help.



27-12-2007 14:49:48

Become root with "sudo su", change to /root/.config and create the rutilt folder.



27-12-2007 15:35:15


As Kopfgeldjaeger6000 suggests, it's certainly a permission problem.