CLI equivalent of "IP Settings" options?

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09-01-2008 19:44:51

could someone please provide the command-line equivalent of the option switching in the "IP Settings" tab of the profile edit window in RutilT ?

Because my RutilT has been crashing for me, I have developed a "Plan B" alternative a little (interactive) (perl) script that parses "iwlist scan" output, prompts me to pick a network, enter a key (if necessary), and configures rausb0 with "iwconfig" and "ifconfig". All works well, and I can manually assign an IP (ifconfig ...); however, "dhcpcd rausb0" does not work.

Until I realized that, by means of RutilT, switching from "Disabled" to "Automatic (DHCP)" achieves the desiged goal (a dhcp lease)

is there a way to switch whatever it is, by means of "iwconfig" or "iwpriv", etc.?

(Regarding my crashing Sometimes RutilT crashes on startup for me, and sometimes several minutes after launch (closed window, but docked in the upper right corner of my FC8 desktop -- the dock icon naturally disappears upon crash. I have links to saved crash reports at this post http// ... php?t=4530 )

(this is rather time-sensitive, as mentioned in the referenced post -) )

thanks in advance!


11-01-2008 21:22:28

Are you asking how to get a dhcp lease from the command line? If it's the case, then you just need to run "dhclient" as root.



11-01-2008 23:33:15

OK, I will try dhclient next time i get a chance (need to get to a public Wifi AP).

Previously i tried "dhcpcd rausb0", but that didn't work

I skimmed through the man pages for both dhclient and dhcpcd and, at a glance, it looked like dhclient had more functionality. I'll research and experiement further.

(If anyone has more info before i post my dhclient results, please feel free to share!)