RutilT on Absolute 12.1.01

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26-06-2008 07:12:13

Hello again after using Rutilt with a lot of pleasure for about a year now.

Got help here to get things running on Absolute 11 (using a wep-connection) . Upgraded to 12.0.1, there were some compile problems with driver, but the Absolute developer could help me. Eversince never had a problem with the rt2500pci Rutilt combo to use a wpa secured connection.

Now I installed Absolute 12.1.01, and I'm stuck. Absolute is now using the kernel with the rt2x00 driver, wicd is supplied as manager. Out of the box, this combo runs when not using any security. Trouble starts when trying to use wpa. Then I started reading in order to solve problem, but no progress yet.

At one point I started to read the RutilT-posts. Read that RutilT development has stopped. First I want to thank developer for the effort it has taken to get it this far. Without Rutilt, I don't think I was able to use the wifi on my box! So thanks again (with searching info I could see RutilT is getting getting known and appreciated more and more).

In my case, I will have to take a step to wicd. But it will take some time I'm afraid, so I hope to get things running again with RutilT.

Some things are puzzling me at the moment
- the rt2x00 driver is loaded, I checked with lsmod. But this version seems to be crappy, I don't know how to use either a newer rt2x00 driver, or get rid of it, and use the rt2500pci driver again (compiled the rt2500pci compiler, installed it, and can see it with lsmod, but don't get a ra0?);
- RutilT doesn't support the rt2x00 driver?
- RutilT doesn't support WPA (options)(but I was using WPA for half a year)?
- new to me are wpa_supplicant and wext, how dot they 'relate' to the rt-drivers?

For now I'm aiming at getting ' good old' rt2500pci - RutilT combo up and running again, any help is appreciated!



29-06-2008 14:52:10

Managed to get working connection after all. Only by editting wpa_supplicant.conf and starting wpa_supplicant and dhclient from xterm, got a wpa-secured connection. No problems with the kernels rt2x00 on my rt2500 chipset (yet). Will do it without gui for next period of time.


30-06-2008 10:12:29

At this time, RutilT only deals with legacy drivers because they have embedded support for authentication/encryption.

RutilT is not able to set up a connection for the new rt2x00 drivers (Those included in new kernel.) because they do not have this embedded support. With the new drivers, all is made in software by wpa_supplicant.

As there are already several front-ends/GUI to wpa_supplicant, RutilT will probably never do it. cry

At the beginning, if you think about it, it sounds a little bit strange. Why people work hard to develop some drivers that do less things than existing ones ? Simply to make life easier for user. With hardware management of authentication/encryption, there was nearly a setting method for each driver. Now, if you configured wpa_supplicant and change your dongle, it will probably connect as soon you plugged it.


30-06-2008 21:18:00

Thanx for response, it's getting clear now.

At the beginning, if you think about it, it sounds a little bit strange. [/quote1qcz75st]

Well, think that's what is called evolution ) .