RutilT compilation problem on Suse11.0

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24-07-2008 22:43:02


Since the drivers (rt2x00 2.0.14) that ship with SuSE11.0 give me no statisfaction because of slowness and unstable connections I tried the legacy RT2500 driver from CSV. I have an Hercules card by the way which I used successfully in my previous SuSE10.1 setup.
I nevertheless managed to compile the module rt2500.ko from your project and load it successfully.

Now I'm trying to compile RutilT and after tackeling the memcpy errors (missing include files) I now stumble upon this error
(snippet of last lines)
Compiling lib/CWirelessMsgHandler.o
In file included from lib/src//CWirelessMsgHandler.cxx23
include/CWirelessMsgHandler.h54 error ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘auto_ptr’ with no type
include/CWirelessMsgHandler.h54 error invalid use of ‘’
include/CWirelessMsgHandler.h54 error expected ‘;’ before ‘<’ token
In file included from include/CWirelessMsgHandler.h60,
from lib/src//CWirelessMsgHandler.cxx23
include/private/CWirelessMsgHandler.hxx In constructor ‘nsRootCWirelessMsgHandlerCWirelessMsgHandler()’
include/private/CWirelessMsgHandler.hxx23 error class ‘nsRootCWirelessMsgHandler’ does not have any field named ‘m_pDriver’
include/private/CWirelessMsgHandler.hxx In member function ‘nsWirelessIDriver* nsRootCWirelessMsgHandlerGetDriver()’
include/private/CWirelessMsgHandler.hxx31 error ‘m_pDriver’ was not declared in this scope
include/private/CWirelessMsgHandler.hxx In member function ‘const nsWirelessIDriver* nsRootCWirelessMsgHandlerGetDriver() const’
include/private/CWirelessMsgHandler.hxx39 error ‘m_pDriver’ was not declared in this scope
include/private/CWirelessMsgHandler.hxx In member function ‘void nsRootCWirelessMsgHandlerSetDriver(nsWirelessIDriver*)’
include/private/CWirelessMsgHandler.hxx47 error ‘m_pDriver’ was not declared in this scope
lib/src//CWirelessMsgHandler.cxx In member function ‘virtual nsRootCMsg nsRootCWirelessMsgHandleroperator()(const nsRootCMsg&)’
lib/src//CWirelessMsgHandler.cxx96 error ‘m_pDriver’ was not declared in this scope
lib/src//CWirelessMsgHandler.cxx102 error ‘m_pDriver’ was not declared in this scope
make *** [lib/CWirelessMsgHandler.o] Error 1

Can any of the authors help with this?
In the meantime I fiddled around with the SuSE network configuration and managed to get the card working with WEP Shared Key. Is it not possible to use WAP-PSK with this driver?

Thanks for any reply,


28-07-2008 19:22:56

I have uploaded a new version, which should fix these errors. Notify me in this thread if you run into any further issue.



28-07-2008 22:46:36

Hi Romain,

Thanks for fixing this!
Compilation went OK, just a few warnings about "suggest parentheses around && within ||".
I've attached a nice snapshot ...
Keep up the good work,