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19-08-2008 19:39:34

I'm trying to get mt RT2500 to automatically connect at boot, i've followed the instructions in this post

[url1lz9lrm4][/url1lz9lrm4], and successfully got it set up as system service, but got thoroughly confused when it came to setting the runlevel.

Got it to the point where it would no longer boot, it just came up with the error rutilt 2498 Gtk - Warning cant open display.

I'm guessing that i've got something wrong in the init file with regards to depencies, any pointers, would be great, as i'm not 100% sure what i'm doing.




20-08-2008 17:24:08

You shouldn't have to change the runlevel. What have you done so far? What is your distribution?



21-08-2008 00:17:07

I'm using opensuse 11.0, and i'm actually back at square 1.

When i started getting that error, the system refused to boot even in fail safe so wiped it and started again.

Attached is the init file i was using, with $RUTILT_PROFILE being read from the config file and has the value of " -tdp PROFILENAME"

And i used the following instructions to create the file


When it was booting and i manually started it, it did work, hence why i suspect its something to do with dependencies that has gone wrong.




25-08-2008 21:52:30

RutilT does not need to run as a daemon, so a one time invocation is enough.
Also, you need to use the -e option, to tell RutilT to run strictly in command line mode, which means applying the profile and exiting. Otherwise, it will try to create the GUI, and since it is not launched from X (which may not even be not started), you'll get that "Gtk - Warning cant open display." error.

Hope that helps, tell me if not. I have uploaded a new version by the way, which fix an issue on some distribution that prevents profiles to be found on startup, and hence been applied.


27-08-2008 16:58:34

Yeah cheers, that worked all i needed was the -e, i missed that in the documentation.

I'm getting an initial DHCP error, but i'm not worried about it as it works anyway.

Thanks again for your help.



27-08-2008 17:36:57

Good to hear. )
The error looks like the system thinks the script has failed, maybe it's not returning what it expects? It may lack a "return 0" at the end.