several RutilT problems....

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26-09-2008 12:36:23


yesterday I experienced a lot of problems with the RutilT.

My WLAN is using some "irregular" password like "/&/%%_'#/!"$sugd]}}}{{<<" so there are ascii signs yo're using as a seperator in the configuration file, so the RutilT says "Error 22, can't set password /&/%%/!"$sugd]}"... So I tried a password like "Now I hope you will work!" Bang! Error 22 again... OK, I used "i hope you will work" No uppercase letters OK! Now the tool accepted it!

But I like to use save passwords in full length with irregular letters like "<>{}..."

I'm running Opensuse 11.0 and checked the last version of the tool.

There is another error I can't log in as supervisor... OK, my supervisor password contains a "_"... same problem as above...

I hope you'll correct these errors in the next version. I'm still using these buggy opensuse 11.0 driver with 1Mbit transfer-rate x and I like to use your tool!

cu JJ


29-09-2008 20:38:35

Error 22 is not an internal error, but something reported by the driver, that doesn't rule out any buggy behavior from RutilT though.
Does setting those kind of password work when using "iwpriv"?[code38017l4r]iwpriv wlan0 set WPAPSK="/&/%%_'#/!"$sugd]}}}{{<<[/code38017l4r]