RutilT disconnects with no reason

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10-12-2008 16:56:01

I'm really a newbie, so maybe I just did something wrong, but I describe my problem
at home, I have a WPA2 WLAN, and just setted my pc to connect with RutilT (I use a rt73 device). It connects and it works properly, but after few minutes it says that he can't connect to WLan because of 0% signal...but the signal is there, I know because with my little eeePC, I have a 80% signal!
Why does he disconnect after few minutes? I run on Debian 4.0 with a usb key, TP-Link TL-WN321G.
Can you help me? I didn't touch any file, I used RutilT to set up the connection -)
Thank you


12-12-2008 22:23:34

It looks like the association get lost, does it eventually come back?
RutilT does not disconnect you, it does not perform any operation if you don't request them (except polling the stick for stats).
Are you far from the access point? It may be a sensitivity problem.
I answered your question in the rt73 forum, once you manage to get the latest CVS tarball working, it could fix this issue as well.