rt2x00 Forum Archive

This is a static archive of the old rt2x00 Linux wireless driver discussion forum

This forum is no longer active. This archive is being kept for historical purpopses only. Any new discussion should occur on the linux-wireless mailing list.

Forum Topics Posts
Project Discussion 68 260
Other Discussion 35 135
RutilT Support 32 202
rt2x00 Driver Support
rt2x00 Driver Support 636 3330
Legacy Driver Support
rt2400 (pci) Legacy 802.11b Support 5 11
rt2500 (pci) Legacy 802.11b/g Support 65 458
rt2570 (usb) Legacy 802.11b/g Support 80 516
rt61 (pci) Legacy 802.11b/g MIMO Support 122 587
rt73 (usb) Legacy 802.11b/g MIMO Support 203 1601