[rt2x00-users] RT2800USB fail to ping WMM AP

Ivo van Doorn ivdoorn at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 22:48:43 AEDT 2009


> I found that the rt2800usb driver fail to ping my FON AP(firmware is openwrt
> Kamikaze 8.09).
> But it can associate with my FON AP.

After association, wait ~1 minute before pinging.

> And when I disable the "WMM Support", the ping works!
> Did anyone has same problem with me?

Yes, my hardware has the same problem. For some reason sending
frames over another queue then the one with highest priority is not working
correctly during the first minute after associating.
Note that the frames don't fail but are queued in the hardware, after ~1 minute
the queues kick in and all previously queued frames are send out.


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