[rt2x00-users] [PATCH] rt73usb.c : more ids

Xose Vazquez Perez xose.vazquez at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 10:14:27 AEDT 2009

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 01:20:17PM +0100, Luis Correia wrote:

> 2009/10/13 Xose Vazquez Perez <xose.vazquez at gmail.com>

> > stolen from windows inf file(07/17/2009,
> > Ovislink 0x1b75, 0x7318
> > MSI 0x0db0, 0x4600
> > WideTell 0x7167, 0x3840
> Are you absolutely sure that these devices are really rt73usb?


I have copied them from windows driver file. No HW here.

> By being in the windows inf file doesn't mean they would work in Linux.

I don't understand why they were added by ralink to the rt73.inf file
*recently* .

Maybe Microsoft's ninjas are trying  to commit sabotage against the
linux kernel ;-)

some information that I have found.



sorry, nothing about Ovislink. Maybe http://www.airlive.com/product/product_3.jsp?pdid=PD1217466858603

the only people who can know it for sure is the new rt2x00 team member:
Eddy Tsai <eddy_tsai at ralinktech.com.tw> from Ralink Technology


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