[rt2x00-users] rt2860 - is it possible to use this chipset nowadays?

Mike Edwards pf-rt2x00 at mirkwood.net
Tue Jul 6 07:17:38 AEST 2010

On Mon, Jul 05, 2010 at 03:33:07PM +0100, Luis Correia babbled thus:
> Mike,
> (this will not help you, sorry, but I had to write it anyway)

Actually - it *does* help.  This would explain why the driver doesn't
work, and tells me that the rt2860 issue is indeed known about.  My
frustration stemmed from my constant fighting with the official ralink
driver, and the fact that I was unable to obtain a response from either
them or this project on why my rt2860 cards couldn't talk to the world.

> Since we started the rt2800pci driver a while ago, we did follow all
> of the init procedures of the legacy driver, and thouroughly checked
> and rechecked all steps.
> But in my case, ALL of my rt2860 based adapters fail with the MCU
> request error, and we haven't found yet a reason for it.
> I've asked Ralink for help with this issue, but so far, no solution
> has been provided in order to fix it.

The tech support address I dug up on their site doesn't appear to be
particularly responsive to requests for help with their official driver,

> It seems that right after loading up the firmware to the device, it
> accepts it with NO errors at all, but the MCU isn't getting waked up
> or otherwise started.
> This is the error, "MCU request failed".
> Apparently, this error does not stop the card from receiving probe
> requests and somehow, the RX paths seems to be partially working.
> But none of my cards associate at all.

That describes the issue I've been seeing perfectly.  MCU error,
scanning works, association fails.

> So, in a nutshell, (I) we have no clue on how to fix it, but are
> completely open for suggestions.

I have managed to get the official driver to work with WPA/WPA2 after
several months of fighting with it.  Perhaps it's time to take the last
released version of rt2860sta (, iirc) apart to see why it can
wake the hardware up?  Unfortunately, my perl knowledge is much better
than my C, but if I can help in any way, I'll be happy to do so.  If I
have to deal with the official ralink driver for much longer, I think
I'm going to toss these cards.  :P

One of my ralink cards is a spare, and I have a test environment
consisting of spare hardware and netbooted installations set up.  While
I can't promise I'd be quick due to a lack of free time, I *can* compile
kernels and drivers.  If there's anything you'd like me to try, please
let me know.

> p.s. please forgive me for any incorrections in this text, English is
> not my native language.

No worries, Luis - your English was perfectly clear, and quite helpful.

> Luis Correia
> rt2x00 project admin

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