[rt2x00-users] Switch the channel during transmission

Mohammad Abdelhadi moh.jaser at ieee.org
Thu Jul 15 07:55:37 AEST 2010

Hi Ivo,

>Why do you think it didn't switch channel?

Well, I am sure, I configured two cards to start  the communication on
channel 1, and by using Wireshark, I monitored the wireless traffic. Then,
when i used the command "iwconfig ra0 channel 6" on the transmitter during
transmission, It simply didn't switch the channel (checked by Wireshark).
Although the channel was not switched, "iwconfig" showed that it was
switched to channel 6!!

Well, i know that it is strange but, is there any thing in the driver that
prevents from switching the channel during transmission? Any hints?

Thank you for your help..

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