[rt2x00-users] roaming behavior of RT3070

Wayne Liu wayne.liu at impinj.com
Tue May 4 10:22:23 AEST 2010

Hello All;
New to the group and asking a question that may have been addressed in which case my apology.

How does the RT3070 driver behave when it sees current AP gone but there is other AP's in the same SSID with same security etc, on same or different channel.
My observation is that it takes quite a while to switch to the other AP even when that AP is on the same channel. I wonder if it is doing a re-scan.

In general how does the driver do its scan, if there is no user space (wpa_supplicant etc) scan request?

I am using RT3070STA v2.1.2.0.

Thanks for your time.


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