[rt2x00-users] Linksys WUSB600N v1 disconnecting from AP

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Mon Jan 10 18:12:20 EST 2011

On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 1:47 AM, Helmut Schaa
<helmut.schaa at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Am Samstag, 8. Januar 2011 schrieb Aleksandar Milivojevic:
>> Running 'iw event -t' shows a lot of disassociation due to inactivity.
>>  This happens even if there is regular flow of traffic (for example, I
>> start ping to my AP and leave it running, or I leave Pandora streaming
>> music in the browser).
>> Below is example of output of 'iw event -t' (these lines repeat in the
>> output at irregularl intervals):
>> 1294464037.037450: wlan0 (phy #0): deauth 00:1c:10:ea:2a:cb ->
>> 00:1e:52:79:e9:ff reason 4: Disassociated due to inactivity
>> 1294464037.037538: wlan0 (phy #0): disconnected (local request)
> Aha, so it's not the AP disassociating you but it's your client disconnecting
> on its own. Mind to provide the wpa_supplicant log for the same situation when
> run with "-ddt"?

Normally, I use NetworkManager, so all of wpa_supplican is kind of
hidden under the hood.  For this, I stopped NetworkManager, and
created following simple wpa_supplicant config file:


Run wpa_supplicant by hand as "wpa_supplicant
-c/path/to/my/wpa_supplicant.conf -iwlan0 -ddt".  The log is rather
big, however I guess interesting part (if there's anything interesting
there) is at the point where connection got dropped.  In
/var/log/debug, I found following logged by the kernel (same as in
previous logs I posted):

Jan  9 22:37:17 toporko kernel: [ 3152.500035] ieee80211 phy0: wlan0:
No probe response from AP 00:1e:52:79:e9:ff after 500ms,
Jan  9 22:37:19 toporko kernel: [ 3154.138808] cfg80211: All devices
are disconnected, going to restore regulatory settings

The output of wpa_supplicant was quiet until above "no probe response"
was logged by the kernel (1294641437 timestamp corresponds to 22:37:17
local time):

1294641437.407476: RTM_NEWLINK: operstate=1 ifi_flags=0x1003 ([UP])
1294641437.407493: RTM_NEWLINK, IFLA_IFNAME: Interface 'wlan0' added
1294641439.045890: RTM_NEWLINK: operstate=1 ifi_flags=0x1003 ([UP])
1294641439.045908: RTM_NEWLINK, IFLA_IFNAME: Interface 'wlan0' added
1294641439.045913: Wireless event: cmd=0x8b15 len=20
1294641439.045916: Wireless event: new AP: 00:00:00:00:00:00
1294641439.045930: Setting scan request: 0 sec 100000 usec
1294641439.045938: Added BSSID 00:1e:52:79:e9:ff into blacklist
1294641439.045944: CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED - Disconnect event - remove keys
1294641439.045947: wpa_driver_wext_set_key: alg=0 key_idx=0 set_tx=0
seq_len=0 key_len=0
1294641439.045966: wpa_driver_wext_set_key: alg=0 key_idx=1 set_tx=0
seq_len=0 key_len=0
1294641439.045976: wpa_driver_wext_set_key: alg=0 key_idx=2 set_tx=0
seq_len=0 key_len=0
1294641439.045984: wpa_driver_wext_set_key: alg=0 key_idx=3 set_tx=0
seq_len=0 key_len=0
1294641439.045993: wpa_driver_wext_set_key: alg=0 key_idx=0 set_tx=0
seq_len=0 key_len=0
1294641439.046001: State: COMPLETED -> DISCONNECTED
1294641439.046007: wpa_driver_wext_set_operstate: operstate 1->0 (DORMANT)
1294641439.046010: WEXT: Operstate: linkmode=-1, operstate=5
1294641439.046027: EAPOL: External notification - portEnabled=0
1294641439.046032: EAPOL: SUPP_PAE entering state DISCONNECTED
1294641439.046034: EAPOL: SUPP_BE entering state INITIALIZE
1294641439.046038: EAPOL: External notification - portValid=0
1294641439.046041: EAPOL: External notification - EAP success=0
1294641439.146109: State: DISCONNECTED -> SCANNING
1294641439.146128: Starting AP scan (broadcast SSID)
1294641439.148479: Scan requested (ret=0) - scan timeout 30 seconds

And the following lines look just like standard
scan/authentication/association thing...  Not sure if anything of the
above is of any use...

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