[rt2x00-users] [PATCH 0/3] rt2800usb: TX_STA_FIFO read timer

Ivo Van Doorn ivdoorn at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 07:44:24 EST 2011


> On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 07:32:40PM +0100, Ivo Van Doorn wrote:
>> >> these three patches are against rt2x00/experimental and
>> >> complete the work which I begun with the
>> >> "rt2800usb: read TX_STA_FIFO asynchronously" patch.
>> >> That patch showed a small performance improvement for
>> >> me, but Ivo reported regressions with his association
>> >> stress test and wrt scanning.  I hope this series
>> >> fixes the regressions.
>> >>
>> >> This first patch needs to be tested with other hardware
>> >> and CONFIG_RT2X00_DEBUG=y.
>> >
>> > I haven't reviewed the patches itself yet, but I have merged
>> > them into the experimental tree. I'll test them this weekend
>> > to see if the regression has been solved, and review the patch.
>> Just ran a test today. The results still aren't too positive.
>>  - There is a segfault when you do rmmod when the interface is still up
> Do you have the Oops message?  Is it caused by the timer?
> I didn't test this case because I thought one should not be
> able to rmmod when the interface is up, but I'll try to reproduce.

Well the only Oops message I got was on my screen, with the wrong
resolution, so I couldn't see the entire Oops. I couldn't see sufficient
lines to determine where in rt2x00 the problem occured.

But yes, rmmod while interface is up, is actually a valid action (same
as unplugging while interface is up).

>>  - Scan results don't pick up the AP which is the closest to the client
>>  - Stresstest still shows 30% failure
>>  - wpa_supplicant quite quickly looses the AP beacons, forcing a full
>>    scan required to find the AP again
> Thanks for testing.  Just to be sure, you're comparing
> rt2x00/master with rt2x00/experimental and these issues
> do not exist with rt2x00/master?

Correct. I've tested the patches from Helmut, and your patches

> Could you give me details about your test so I can try to
> reproduce?

I'm using the tools from www.ros.org, which includes a modified wpa_supplicant.

Basically that one is started, after which I start a script which will
associate to a predefined set of AP's. Every 10 associations it will rescan.

If you want, I can send you the the installation steps.


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