[rt2x00-users] broken PTK rekeying under high network load

Andreas Hartmann andihartmann at 01019freenet.de
Sat Jun 4 22:57:10 AEST 2011


Problem: PTK (and sometimes GTK-rekeying) is broken under high network
load. The high network load is produced with netperf:

while true ;
  netperf -t TCP_STREAM -H host
  netperf -t TCP_MAERTS -H host
  netperf -t TCP_SNDFILE -H host

During rekeying, mostly of PTK, the 4 way handshake is broken, because
hostapd doesn't get the last answer from supplicant. Supplicant itself
thinks, all would be fine - PTK rekeying would be ready.

Near down the component, which is responsible for the broken PTK rekeying.
The following tests all where done with a WPA2 / PSK / ieee80211n / 40
MHz bandwith, 2,4 GHz based connection and a PTK rekeying delta of 50 s
configured on hostapd.
hwcrypt was switched off in hardware for hostapd.

I did the tests with different components. The result can be found in
the table below.


Hardware for accesspoint:

A1) Linksys WMP600N (rt2800pci)


A2) Atheros ar9285 (ath9k)

Hardware for Supplicant:

H1) WUSB600Nv2

H2) Atheros ar9285

Drivers for Supplicant

D1) wpa_supplicant with wext

D2) wpa_supplicant with nl80211

D3) rt3572sta without wpa_supplicant

1. test

accesspoint	Hardware for 	Driver for
		supplicant	supplicant	Rekeying
A1		H1		D1		broken
A1		H1		D3		fine
A1		H2		D1		broken
A1		H2		D2		broken

A2		H1		D1		broken
A2		H1		D3		fine

fine means: Rekeying never broke during > 1,5 h.
broken means: Rekeying was broken after the first or no later then fifth


Rekeying is fine as long as no wpa_supplicant / wext / or nl80211
framework is used on the supplicant.
The rt3572sta-driver without wpa_supplicant works just fine - as expected.

The problem could be in the wireless framework or in wpa_supplicant -
that's what I cannot say.

But I could see one big difference between the handling of the rekying
by wpa_supplicant and rt3572sta-driver:
the rt3572sta-driver stops the datastream during rekeying. This is about
half a second.
With wpa_supplicant, I can't see this stop. It stops after the rekeying
has been broken because of deauthentication.
The following reauthentication takes much longer and sometimes doesn't
work at all.

Could somebody please look at this problem? If you have some more
questions - please ask - I'll try to answer them.


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