[rt2x00-users] Failed to reconnect AP with Ralink Ripple3 [1814 539a]

Ivo Van Doorn ivdoorn at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 19:17:39 AEDT 2011


> I have a Ralink Ripple 3 [1814 539a] for testing the latest rt2x00
> driver (rt2800pci). Now I have a issue which happens to my SuSE Linux.
> If I connected an AP and do S3(Suspend), it would be hard to
> re-connect to this AP. Can find the NetowkrManager is always showing
> linking process.
> Is there any place or bug tracking system for reporting issues ? I
> would like to work on with the issue and follow it.
> Also, any message or info do I need to provide ?

Bug reporting should preferably go through the Linux Kernel bugzilla
(and make sure
you add one of the maintainers on the CC list). Optionally you could also
create a bug in the SuSE bugzilla, but also in that case please add
one of the maintainers in the CC list.


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