[rt2x00-users] [bugzilla-daemon at bugzilla.kernel.org: [Bug 42828] rt2800pci unstable - chokes after too much I/O]

Andreas Hartmann andihartmann at 01019freenet.de
Fri Oct 19 05:48:22 AEDT 2012

Hello Stanislaw,

Stanislaw Gruszka wrote:
> Andreas,
> any insight on commit be03d4a45c09ee5100d3aaaedd087f19bc20d01f
> regression described in kernel.org bug 42828 ?

He uses another chipset:
Chipset detected - rt: 2872, rf: 0003, rev: 0200
Firmware detected - version: 0.34

What's the name (brand) of this device?

I have:
Chipset detected - rt: 2860, rf: 0002, rev: 0103
Firmware detected - version: 0.34

Does the problem occur with 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz? With 20 MHz or 40 MHz?

What's the AP device?

Anyway, I retested with compat-wireless-3.5 rc5 and I can see a complete
hanging connection after 3s of running netperf with
0011-Revert-rt2x00-Don-t-let-mac80211-send-a-BAR-when-an-.patch (2.4
GHz, 40MHz) - the original problem and the reason for the patch.

Maybe we should distinguish between AP and STA? Or is it a device
specific problem? I'm not sure. Helmut mentioned here that it could be a
hardware issue, too:

He proposed another patch, too, which unfortunately crashed my machine:

There was another user writing about throughput problems with an AP, too:

He seems to use a similar card to mine:
Chipset detected - rt: 2860, rf: 0001, rev: 0101

I could try to test if there is a difference in behaviour between STA
and AP here on weekend with my device so that we now if it is a AP / STA
related problem or a device specific one. Would this help to possibly
locate the problem?

> Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 22:47:11 +0000 (UTC)
> From: bugzilla-daemon at bugzilla.kernel.org
> To: stf_xl at wp.pl
> Subject: [Bug 42828] rt2800pci unstable - chokes after too much I/O
> https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42828
> --- Comment #34 from Francisco Pina Martins <f.pinamartins at gmail.com>  2012-10-17 22:47:11 ---
> Thank you for your tips, it really did sped up the process.
> I have found the culprit!
> 0011-Revert-rt2x00-Don-t-let-mac80211-send-a-BAR-when-an-.patch
> Simply reverting this commit will make the problem go away.

Kind regards,
Andreas Hartmann

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