[rt2x00-users] rt3572 + rt2800usb: wireless roaming functionality and trigger level

Johannes Braun jjo.braun at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 22:47:23 AEST 2013

Dear mailing list,

first some informations about my hard- and software. I want to use a
rt3572 based wireless usb wlan stick with an ARM 6 Freescale imx35
board. The board is developed by my company and we`re using a vanilla
kernel 3.7.10 with the rt2800usb.ko driver. The Device should be used
in a 5Ghz n mode wireless lan with wpa enterprise encryption. This
works so far.

The wireless lan contains several access points with the same ssid.
The idea was that the device switches automatically between the access
points depending on the signal quality. So for example, when the
signal in the current connected wlan is bad and another wlan with a
better signal is available, the device switches to the one with the
better signal. I think this is called roaming mode. I haven`t found an
answer if this is possible with the rt3572 chip in combination with
the rt2800usb driver. Does anyone know if that`s possible?

And if so, is there a parameter which defines the level to switch?
Maybe it is called "roam trigger". I haven't found such a parameter in
the driver sources. Perhaps it is realized in the proprietary firmware
blob and I it can not be influenced by the driver? I hope someone
could help me with my qestions.



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