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Welcome to the rt2x00 Project

This project is a development effort to provide free, stable and feature rich Linux drivers for wireless 802.11b/g/i cards based on the following Ralink chipsets: rt2400, rt2500, rt2570, rt61 and rt73.

We support next-generation rt2x00 drivers (included mainline Linux kernel).
Support for the enhanced RaLink legacy drivers will end April 24th 2009.

They provide all the features you could expect, such as encryption, traffic monitoring, frame injection and more.

Please feel free to browse the history of the project, read the documentation or just jump on in and grab the latest version of the source available from the downloads page.

If you have problems and the documentation isn't helpful, thenthen roll over to the forums or mailing lists and post a question to the community.

For more detail see our history page and our roadmap page.

License information

The driver code we make available here is released under the GPL. However, some drivers require firmware to be loaded to the device. This firmware is redistributable but not modifiable, since it has a specific Firmware license.

Latest news

Developers meeting log - December 2010

Hi All,

We did another developer's meeting today on IRC.

Check out what was discussed, in the Meetings link.

Luis Correia
rt2x00 Project Administrator

Another new team member arrives - May 2010

it is with great pleasure that we announce a new team member, Helmut Schaa.

Helmut has been mucking about with the RT3052 System-on-Chip platform, using the well known OpenWRT distribution.

With his help, a lot has been done already, as the rt2800 chipset series is being improved as it shares the base wireless functionality.

Welcome to the team, Helmut!

Luis Correia
rt2x00 project admin

A new team member arrives - September 2009

it is with great pleasure that we announce a new team member, Eddy Tsai from Ralink Technology.

From today on, we have a member working for the actual chipset manufacturer. We hope that his presence in the team will make our Ralink drivers even better.

Welcome to the team, Eddy!

Luis Correia
rt2x00 project admin

Project reorganization - March 2009

This April the rt2x00 project celebrates its 5th anniversary, and we do that by doing a big project reorganization.

By the end of April the Legacy drivers will no longer be maintained or supported by this project. From that moment only the in-kernel drivers will be developed and supported by this project.

The rt2x00 drivers have been long enough in the kernel, and all major distributions have switched over to those drivers. This has reduced the userbase of the legacy drivers and we feel the time has come to remove them completely from this project.

We have discussed this with Ralink and they are working together with the rt2x00 project to make the drivers for future hardware ready for kernel integration.

This change has an impact on our project team as well, at the moment we are with 8 people but after the reorganization so far only 4 people indicated they wanted to remain active as project member.

To make the transistion as complete as possible we will close down everything related to the Legacy drivers. This means that the sourceforge project on which this mailinglist is hosted will be closed down as well. We have already opened a new mailinglist for rt2x00 general information about this list can be found at:

Reorganization schedule:

At the moment there are no people willing to start a completely new project for the legacy drivers. If somebody steps up in the coming month to take over support of the drivers we will assist him with setting up the new project and move all Legacy driver documentation from our Wiki and forums to this new project.

Ivo van Doorn
rt2x00 Project Administrator

Developers meeting log - August 2008

Hi All,

We did a quick a developer's meeting today.

Check out what was discussed, in the Meetings link.

Luis Correia
rt2x00 Project Administrator

rt2x00 featured @ - May 2008

Hi All,

Last April, has made an article about our project, here's the link:

Luis Correia
rt2x00 Project Administrator

rt2x00 enters mainline kernel - January 2008

Hi All,

two days ago, January 24th, Linux Kernel 2.6.24 was released. This is the first mainline kernel that includes (sadly a somewhat buggy) rt2x00 release.

Our rt2x00 driver has reached a broader audience, and we all wish to congratulate the developers and most importantly all of our users who provided numerous bug reports and even fixes.

Now, lets continue to work towards a stabler driver!

Luis Correia
rt2x00 Project Administrator

Older news

Older news can be found in the archive


We also provide a couple of RSS feeds for our users.

The News Feed will give you up-to-date info on any file releases or major happenings with the project.

The Forum Feed will give you a direct feed from all the forums on our website.

And finally, BETA Testing Feed will give you a direct feed from our rt2x00 BETA testing forum.


Our deepest thanks go out to the following groups and individuals

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