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From Rt2x00Wiki

Developers meeting log - October 7 2007

Hi All,

We're doing a developer's meeting to further refine our goals, focusing on improving the driver as well as other issues.

Here's the Meetings link to it.

Luis Correia
rt2x00 Project Administrator

Announcement from the rt2x00 project administrators - September 17 2007

Hi All,

Update on the announcement from May 18, all developers are back in action since some time now. Luis is for the moment still the main contact person for all administration and support request.

Ivo van Doorn
rt2x00 Project Administrator

Announcement from the rt2x00 project administrators - May 18 2007

Hi all,

Here follows an important announcement that affects not only the user of the rt2x00 & legacy drivers, but also the developers team, and the distributions shipping the drivers.

Mark has been project administrator since the beginning of this project, and I have been working on rt2x00 since almost the beginning of the project.

After some discussions within the developers team, both Mark and I have decided it is the best for both of us is to take a break from our current roles in the project. (This is not only because of project related issues, but also private life issues). The break that will be taken will be approximately 3 months.

Mark has been the main administrator of this project, and to reduce the load for him it is requested that he will not be contacted for project related issues. Mark will be instead focusing behind-the-scenes on getting up to scratch with the rt2x00 driver such that he can be a more useful development resource moving forward. For all administrative/project related issues during Mark's absense Luis should be contacted instead as he will be the primary project administrator.

Because at this time there are no developers with enough experience to assume maintainership of rt2x00, I will continue that role during my break. Note that this will only be maintainership and not development. I will check, apply and provide feedback for patches that are emailed to me (using the email rules that are explained in the rt2x00 GIT instructions). Important patches will be send by me upstream towards wireless-dev. Support of rt2x00 will also be limited to the willingness of other developers to provide assistance to the users of rt2x00. Other than that there will be none or very limited support from me.

So just to summarize:

       - Mark should not be contacted for project related issues/questions.
         He will not be active on the forums or the general mailing lists
       - Luis will be the main project administrator during Mark's absense.
       - I will be assisting Luis as project administrator.
       - My work on rt2x00 will be halted, I will merely check and apply
         patches for rt2x00 to git.
       - rt2x00 support request will either not be handled at all, or
         handled by another developer who has time and who is willing to
         handle the support.

The aim here is the "recharge" such that after this break period we can hit rt2x00 development hard and finish the work required to have it accepted into the official kernel tree.

Ivo van Doorn
rt2x00 Project Administrator

New Legacy rt61 driver released - 1 May 2007

 Hi everyone,
 Second BETA release of a rt61 legacy driver. Please see the 
 changelog for a full list of changes. rt2x00   development is still 
 coming along, so hopefully this resolves some more user issues in 
 the mean time.
 Any problems, please post in the forums.

In the news: LinuxMagazine and Donations - 22 December 2006

 Hi everyone,
 Armijn Hemel, a writer for the Dutch LinuxMagazine has written
 an article about wireless network device support under Linux.
 He was so kind to offer us to contact some hardware manufacturers
 about the donations of testing hardware for our team.
 And it wasn't that long before the results came in, most hardware
 manufacturers agreed to donate some hardware, and Conceptronic
 even has donated 15 (!) wireless devices to our project.
 The full result of the donations are:
Conceptronic has donated:
 Edimax has donated:
 Sitecom has donated:
 D-Link has donated:
 We would like to thank Conceptronic, Edimax, Sitecom and D-Link
 for their donations to our project. A special thanks goes to
 LinuxMagazine and Armijn Hemel for making these donations possible.
 Ivo van Doorn

New Legacy Drivers - 20 June 2006

 Hi everyone, 
 Been awhile since the last news update - but if you have been reading the 
 forums then you know lots is happening.
 Just a FYI, tonight we have released new legacy BETA's for rt2500, rt2570
 and the new RT61. These hopefull will see us through to stability with
 All thanks to Gertjan for the RT61 work.
 Any problems, please post on the forums.

Third rt2x00 BETA Release - 18th December 2005

 Hello everyone,
 This release is the third preview of the rt2x00 driver. 
 Please see the changelog for more details.
 We are interested in seeing results from people configuring and attempting
 associations on open AP's. This will be the last BETA release before our
 migration to a new core ieee80211 stack.
 Any bugs you find please open a new thread on the forums here for discussion.
 After review we may then ask you to promote the bug into SorceForge.
 Any questions, please post a thread.
 Files are available @Sourceforge:
 The forums can be found at

Initial rt2x00 BETA Release - 4th September 2005

 Hi everyone, 

 Tonight we have released the first BETA for our rt2x00 Driver Rebuild project. 
 This is a developed-from-the-ground-up driver that we have been developing 
 in a hope to stabalise support for the Ralink rt2x00 chipset family, which
 includes the 802.11b rt2400 chipset, the 802.11g rt2500 chipset and the 
 802.11g USB rt2570 chipset. 

 A more detailed explination of what is contained in this BETA can be found on 
 our forums at - 

 If you have any questions please feel free to post. 

 Mark Wallis 
 Project Leader 

It's broke ! - Current issues - 24th August 2005

 Hi everyone.
 To try and reduce the number of support requests on the forums i've created 
 a It's Broke page. 
This page lists the current known possible issues as reported on the forums that are worth
investigating if you have problems.
 PLEASE READ IT before posting a Support Request.

In the news: Ralink and our developers recognised for RT2500 Chipset - 6th August 2005

 In the August 2005 issue of Linux Journal ( Ralink were
 awarded the "Product of the Year" award for their rt2500 802.11g chipset.
 Our development team were also mentioned in the article as per below
 "Ralink worked with Mark Wallis, Ivo van Doorn, Luis Correia, Robin
 Cornelius and others to get a supported driver out there under the GPL".
 Special mention was also given to one of our supporting companies,
 "Special thanks to Minitar, the network gear vendor with the foresight to
 ask Ralink to make the driver GPL".
 Good work to everyone involved.
 Mark Wallis
 Project Leader.

Updated BETA Drivers - 31st July 2005

 Hi everyone,
 We have released 3 new BETA drivers tonight
 rt2400 1.2.2 BETA 3
 rt2500 1.1.0 BETA 3
 rt2570 1.1.0 BETA 1
 These rollup all the work we have been doing in CVS of late. Any bugs 
 you find, please report them to SourceForge. Of course, before raising 
 any bugs you should have read the Module/TESTING file plus the Sticky 
 post on raising bugs in the forums.
 If you have a support request with these Beta's feel free to open a 
 new Thread in the appropriate forum.
 Mark Wallis

New Forums !! - 16th June 2005

 Hello everyone,
 As you can see from the new button on the menu bar up the top of this 
 page we have installed some new Forum software into the website. We 
 are trying to centralise our support for the project and feel that 
 this is the best way to move forward. This will consolidate the 
 SourceForge forums, the support I was giving on the Ralink forums 
 plus the Support Requests that were coming through the General 
 mailing list. 
 If everyone could migrate over to using the new forums it would be 
 appreciated. I will be closing down the old support methods 
 progressivly (they will still remain for historical purposes though 
 so we won't lose any old posts).
 Kind Regards,

USB news - 25th May 2005

Hi everyone,

We would like to announce that Ralink have provided us with
information that will allow us to add USB support to our rt2x00
driver. Previously we basically had resigned to the fact that we
would have to reverse engineer support through trial-and-error
testing but this new documentation will allow us to get a better feel
for how the chipset itself works.

Work will begin alongside the rt2x00 Beta development that Ivo is
currently heading up. We hope to have basic USB support included in
our upcoming Alpha. If anyone is keen to assist and has kernel/USB
development experience then please contact myself off-list.

Mark Wallis.

Heaps of new Howto's added - 12th May 2005

Just a quick note to remind people to check out the HOWTO's page in the Wiki.
Lots of people have email me howto's over the last few weeks and we really 
appreciate all the work.

The Dev Team.

Another round of BETA's (part deux) - 22nd February 2005

Hi again,

just a quick note, 
please use our project download server at

Luis Correia

Another round of BETA's - 21st February 2005

Hi everyone,

Get them while they are hot - the next pair of candidates for stable release. 


Meeting Notes - 14th February 2005

Hi everyone,

Well the developers meeting on IRC went well tonight. A full listing of the session is still coming but the general points of interest were

* Development on the existing rt2400 and rt2500 drivers will be limited to stability fixes only
* More focus will shift onto the rt2x00 project with the majority of resources being placed here.
* This Wiki will become open to community edits after a bit of housekeeping in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all that made it.


Daily CVS tarballs available - 7th February 2005

Hi everyone,

For those wanting to keep up-to-date with our developers but are unable to get
CVS access working, we have automated a script to pull the latest CVS code nightly 
and post it on the website. You can access the rt2400 and rt2500 
sources via the URL's below

If anyone has any problems let me know.


BETA's available for rt2400/rt2500 - 22nd January 2005


BETA versions for both rt2400 (1.2.2 beta 1) and rt2500 (1.1.0 beta 1) are
available. They have been posted on the forums and mailing lists. These 
beta's are only for people who are willing to help us debug problems and 
can provide useful debugging information.

They are not recommended for general consumption (hence why they are not 
being uploaded to SF or released more officially.


Support for rt2500 and plans for the future - 6th December 2004

Hi everyone ! 
From today, Ralink have released their rt2500 driver also under a GPL license. Just like we 
did with the rt2400 driver we intend to pick up development for this rt2500 source code and
continue to bug fix and enhance this 802.11g driver. 
The main reason to get excited about this GPL is the fact that we can now use the source in 
our source-rebuild project (aka experimental, aka rt2x00). The driver that Ivo is working on 
is getting close to a BETA stage and since this GPL announcement we plan to include support 
for BOTH rt2400 and rt2500 in the same single driver (herein called rt2x00). 
So, I've reconfigured SF today to support both drivers. For the time being until the rt2x00
driver is completed and stable we will support both rt2400 and rt2500 seperatly. Please, feel
free to log bugs against the rt2500 v1.0.0 version. Please note that any Feature Requests you
raise will most likely get rolled into rt2x00 when it gets released. 
If you have any questions please feel free to post to the Mailing Lists. 

Kernel Patches available for 1.2.1 - 25th November 2004

Today I have posted kernel patches for a few popular 2.4 and an up-to-date 2.6 kernel. These
have been supplied by Benjamin Pussacq (aka GhOsTIX). If you have any troubles with these
please post to the mailing list or forums. 

Version 1.2.1 - stable ? - 19th September 2004

Hi everyone, 
Version 1.2.1 has been released today. Stability is the key feature as well as the ESSID
setting issue being resolved. Let us know if you have any problems ! Or even if you don't ! :-) 
Thanks again everyone who contributed. 
Mark Wallis (serialmonkey)

Version 1.2.0 Released Today - 23rd June 2004

Hi everyone, 
Version 1.2.0 of the rt2400 driver and utility have been released today. 
Minor cleanup's here and there but the main work has been on driver stability. You should 
find the driver much more stable under both 2.4 and 2.6 kernels now. 
Plus the speed setting issue was fixed. 
Thanks again to Flavio and Ivo for all their hardwork. 
Any issues please post to the mailing list. 

1.1.1-b2 - 30th May 2004

Hi everyone, 
Second BETA code is out tonight. The main change is a stability fix for 2.6 kernels in 
relation to the Interrupt handler (thanks Jerzy and Flavio for their work on this) plus 
some RaConfig cosmetic fixes by Ivo. 
Any feedback please post to the mailing list. 

Mailing Lists Online - 24th May 2004

Two new mailing lists are online as of today. The rt2400-general list is for every-day
discussions about the module and utility. rt2400-devel is for developer interaction on 
making changes to the project CVS tree. 
Feel free to join and say Hi ! 

Initial BETA source code release - 26th April 2004

Hi everyone, 
Today I have posted the initial BETA 1.1.1 source code release. This release is the first 
under the GPL license and is basically the baseline code obtained from RaLink by Minitar 
plus some bug fixes that were submitted to the Minitar forums by the community. 
Please test and report any bugs. The forums here on SourceForge are open and ready for

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