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It's Broke

From Rt2x00Wiki

Troubleshooting Tips for rt2500

  1. If you have SMP enabled, turn it off
  2. Read Module\TESTING and see how to post a DEBUG trace.
  3. If you have run RaConfig and/or have a /etc/Wireless/Ralink/..... directory structure then delete it, don't use RaConfig, and try to configure using the command line utilities (iwconfig, ifconfig)

Troubleshooting Tips for rt2570

  1. Stability issues can be addressed by disabling USB2.0 (ehci) and dropping back to USB1.1 (ohci). You can do this by blacklisting the ehci module
  2. If you have SMP enabled, turn it off
  3. If you have PREEMPT enabled, turn it off

Common Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you are getting a hard panic (system freeze) then you should recompile your kernel with SYSRQ enabled, exit of out X11, enable SYSRQ (cat 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq) and then reproduce the issue from the command line and post a SYSRQ+ALT+P trace.

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