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Rt2570 GIT kernel integration Guide

From Rt2x00Wiki


The contents of this guide should provide you with knowledge of

  1. How to integrate an out-of-kernel driver into the kernel
  2. How to keep your integrated driver in sync with the kernel as new kernel versions are coming.

So no more clumsy additional driver module compilation, just the normal make modules. And if the driver was released several months ago against an older kernel version, you can still pull the latest and greatest version from Linus' git repository and use that. The latter might require some effort on your part, but the good news is that the tools are there to support you 100% and the guide will explain how.


Initially I wrote one one rather large guide but I have decided to fork it into two versions:


The creation of git[1] was the single most important event in 2005 for linux kernel development. Nothing else compares. With git almost a new world of source control possibilities with branching and merging opens up for the free/OSS community. So if you have not already installed and started to get familiar with git yet you should do so right away.

Although this guide is written using the rt2570 driver, it should be applicable for any other driver, patch or set of patches that are not integrated into the standard kernel.

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