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The following are source code only, we don't offer binaries.

Next-generation rt2x00 drivers

Rt2x00 drivers are part of the mainline kernel tree.
This is true since January 2008 with the 2.6.24 kernel, and several distributions are already shipping the driver.
While the mainline kernel has the driver tree, it is not the latest version.
The development tree, for several reasons, can only be pulled along with the full kernel sources using the git content tracker.
You can find instructions explaining how to get these sources on this page.

Enhanced legacy drivers

For the original Legacy drivers (the drivers as released by Ralink and further mantained and released by this project) you can use the CVS access from SourceForge. Note that support for these drivers will end on April 24th 2009.

Graphical configuration tool

Screenshot of RutilT
Screenshot of RutilT
RutilT is designed to be the companion tool of our drivers.

It currently offers support for all legacy drivers and their main features (WEP, WPA, injection...). rt2x00 support will be added in future releases.
Last RutilT release: download.

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