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The documentation part of our website is currently in a state of overhaul. The best documentation you can find will be included in the INSTALL file in the Module folder of the source package.

If your still stumped then roll over to the forums or mailing lists and post a question to the community

All these HOWTO's have been written and donated by the community. If you have a guide relevant to the rt2x00 project which is not listed then please email it or a link to it to serialmonkey


Generic documentation

rt2x00 documentation

Usage documentation

Historical stuff

Legacy driver documentation

Every Linux distribution is different. And such we have started to compile a library of specific HOWTO's that have been written for getting our drivers working under different specific circumstances.

rt2400 HOWTO's

rt2500 HOWTO's

rt2570 HOWTO's

rt61 HOWTO's

rt73 HOWTO's

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